Brady Gonek


About Brady

Born and raised in St. Albert to a well-versed real estate family, Brady has dedicated the past 7 years, diligently honing his skills and expertise within the dynamic realm of new home construction. Under the guidance and mentorship of his father, they’ve achieved recognition as an award-winning sales duo. Throughout his journey, Brady has been a key part of over 400 real estate transactions which has allowed him to amass a profound understanding of the intricacies of buying and selling real estate.
His experience in a fast-paced environment where each client presents different preferences and objectives in their real estate goals has allowed him to foster skills that he is proud to carry over into the residential resale market. His new home construction experience paired with his personal interest in real estate investing and flipping makes him an exceptional asset to any client seeking a knowledgeable agent who can guide them with confidence. Brady dedicates himself entirely to every transaction and negotiation and sincerely looks forward to expanding his reach in the real estate industry.
Beyond his professional pursuits, Brady embraces an active lifestyle. You can often find him at the gym, being an outdoorsman, and working on his house.

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